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Step 7 
Caulk the outer perimeter of the Shutter frame where it contacts the wall to create an air tight seal with the building.

Easy Installation

Step 5 
Next, attach the Top Shutter's Flap Seal to the top Horizontal Rails.

Step 3    
First, slide a Hinge Spacer down each inner track of the Vertical Rails.  Then slide both hinges of a Shutter down the inner track, so that the Shutter is now resting on the two Spacers.  Continue this process for all 4 Shutters in each unit. 
No Hardware!

Step 4
Now all your Shutters are hung so go ahead and install  the top Horizontal Rail using the Top Couplers.  Continue this process for each Shutter Unit. 

Step 8
Hang the Torque Tubes and mount the di Drive machine. 

Step 6
Install the Tie-Rod to the 4 Shutters.

Step 10
Now run the di drive to set the open and close limit switches.   The Shutters should not be opened past 90 degrees. 

10 Simple Steps to Install 

Step 1
Install a wood 2x4 along the bottom of the inner wall of the doghouse approximatly 2 inches below the framed opening.

Step 2
Install the bottom Horizontal Rails and Vertical Rails using Couplers.

Step 9
Connect the Rack and Pinion Drives from the Torque Tubes to the Tie-Rods.