Tunnel Shutters®

Tunnel Air Technology For the 21st Century

We selected only one machine to operate our Tunnel Shutters®.  The di Drive is the most powerful and reliable Gear drive in its market!

• Powerful 
Pulls 2200 lbs x Speed 2.25 ft/min = Power 5000 ft lbs/min

• Heavy Duty Construction = Long Life
Heavy Duty Gears - Shafts - Bearings - Motor (1/3 hp)
Manufactured to Industrial Standards

• Simple Accurate Limit Switches
Smooth sliding adjustment pins on friction plates

• Internal Manual Open/Close Switches
For ease of setting limit switches - no extra power lead required

• Safety Switch
Internal safety switch - prevents overriding of the limit switches

• Printed Circuit Board
PCB circuitry instead of hand wired circuits - for greater reliability

• Totally Sealed and Lubricated for Life
No regular maintenance required


Our Tunnel Shutters® are torque tube driven for a smooth, maintenance free operation.  There are no pulleys needed and it is simple and far less time consuming to install compared to both Curtains and Doors.     Rack and Pinion Drive Video!


Manual Backup System

If your Poultry House has a loss of electrical power, the di Drive is equipped with a 3/8 inch manual drive connection.
The Tunnel Shutters® can be easily opened or closed in no time with a regular hand held drill.

di Drive System