Tunnel Shutters®

Tunnel Air Technology For the 21st Century
What are leaking Tunnel Doors 
​costing you?

Tunnel Door Leak Calculator 

"With Tunnel Shutters® installed in one of our houses, we have less than one degree temperature difference from one end of the house to the other, winter or summer!  Our houses with Tunnel Curtains have temp differences that range from 7 to 10 degrees from end to end."

"We have noticed a very significant savings in propane through this last winter on our house with Tunnel Shutters® compared to all of our other houses."

"Being able to angle and direct the airflow off of the small chicks is a huge advantage because you can keep high airflow without blowing the chicks away!"

Shannon Smith - Smith Poultry, Alabama

Cost Savings

You Can't Afford Not To Use Tunnel Shutters®!

Take a few minutes to use the Calculators to see how much you could Save in energy costs by installing Tunnel Shutters® in your area compared to Doors and Curtains.

For great savings during warmer months of the year, here are four additional areas where Tunnel Shutters®will provide great returns on your initial investment!

  • Vent Assist and Tunnel Transition 
    (Fan efficiency lowering electricity costs)
  • Improved Airflow Patterns and Speeds
    (Less Dead Loss and improved Feed/Production performance)
  • No "Dead Zones"
    (Eliminate cost of house End Pads and reduced Dead Loss)
  • Save Water usage with Sectional Cooling


What are Curtains costing you compared to our insulated and sealed Tunnel Shutters?

Curtains vs Tunnel Shutters® Savings Calculator.