• Automatically control the Angle of the Airflow entering the house by varying the degree of the Shutter Vanes to less than full open.  This could be used when the birds are small chicks.
• Does not protrude into house as do doors

Tunnel Shutters® are located within the doghouse and do not get in the way of every day tasks.  When Doors are open they lay about four feet into the house on both interior walls and usually block end door entrances and are an inconvenience while checking the flock daily.

• Does not require Cord Adjustments

Doors need constant re-adjusting of control cords to try and maintain an air seal with the frame of the building because of the constant strain on them caused by the weight of the doors and the pulling forces of the negative static pressure inside the house.  This problem with Doors only compounds itself as the house ages and the walls lose their straight and level lines.  Tunnel Shutter® seals are not effected by the frame of the house and have no force pulling them open while they are closed.

• Cooled Air directed immediately on the flock

Tunnel Shutters® are designed to create a better mix of cooled air at the bird level, including the sides and lower areas of the building as well. 

With Door systems, why would you want to spend the energy on cooling the incoming air through the pads, only to direct it straight up into the hottest air of the house to warm it up again before it reaches the birds at the floor level??

• Sealed by Static Pressure 

Take advantage of the negative air pressure within the house, don't fight against it!  Our Shutters have an air tight seal that significantly reduces leaks no matter how many fans are running.

• R-9 Insulation 

Nine times the insulation value of curtains and higher than most doors, drastically lowering your heating costs.

• Improved Airflow

Provides improved airflow into the house compared to that of doors. Tunnel Shutters® provides this improved airflow by reducing turbulence and minimizing static pressure loss. The air passes through the smooth parallel Shutter vanes producing a laminar flow of air and minimizes turbulence. Doors restrict the amount of air by only providing approximately four feet of clearance from the door to the top of the door frame when they are fully open. They are restricted from opening any further by feeder and drinker lines. Compared to Doors, the design of Tunnel Shutters® provides this improved airflow by having a smooth laminar flow of air through the Shutter vanes, and by having a greater area for air to pass through.

Ventilation Technology For the 21st Century


Ag Ventilation Inc

• Sectional, for Vent Assist or Tunnel Transition         

Sectional – During hotter months use as a multi-stage “Vent Assist” or “Tunnel Transition” system to reduce the number of fans operating and in turn lowering electricity costs, while at the same time increasing the efficiency of the tunnel air flow.

You can also lower water usage by matching your Cooling Pads to only send water to the corresponding opened Tunnel Shutters® sections!