Tunnel Shutters®

Tunnel Air Technology For the 21st Century


Tunnel Shutters® have an air tight pressure seal and utilize the  negative air pressure within the house as opposed to Doors that constantly fight against the static pressure. When closed the Shutters create a 2 inch thick insulated solid wall! 

With Tunnel Shutters®, the result is an air tight House or Barn that saves significant heating costs in the winter and increases the efficiency of the fans throughout the year by improving air flow characteristics and limiting fan usage with Sectional Vent Assisting.

Also, the modular Tunnel Shutters® Panels are fully insulated providing an insulating “R” value of R-9, which is approximately 9 times that of Curtains and higher than most Door products.  

Please take a few minutes to explore our website to learn about all of the exciting advantages that Tunnel Shutters® can provide to your Poultry, Hog, or Dairy/Beef business, including:

  • Improved Airflow Patterns and Speeds
  • Utilizes negative pressure of house or barn
  • Sectional for Vent Assist and Tunnel Transition
  • Cooled air directed onto flock
  • Higher Insulation Values
  • Varying air flow angles
  • Eliminate End Wall Pads/Doghouses
  • No "Dead Zones"
  • Faster opening/closing times 
  • Simple Inexpensive Installation
  • Improves Fan efficiency
  • Smooth laminar airflow entering house
  • No Cord adjustments with Rack and Pinion system
  • Does not protrude into house
  • Saves Water with Sectional Cooling

Affordable New Pricing!

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priced next generation All-Weather Shutters.


Tunnel Shutters® are designed and manufactured to drastically reduce the High Energy Costs and eliminate the operating issues associated with curtains and door systems in Poultry Houses, Hog and Dairy Barns.

All-Weather/Climate Shutters are now available!

We now offer our next generation Shutter system constructed of Coated-Galvanized Steel that are 2 inches thick 

(EPS Foam-filled).  Our new line of Shutters are more cost effective and can now be utilized in all climates for both indoor and outdoor applications, with or without doghouses.